My passion for jewelry design began at a young age.  I have fond memories of spending time with my father when he worked as a jeweler in New Orleans. I would devote countless hours to observing him at his work-bench, and after seeing the process I cannot recall wanting to do anything else.


After many years of working as a bench jeweler, I developed a high degree of technical ability.  My designs are composed of precious metals, and are accented with intricate hand engraving and semi-precious stones.  I incorporate bold shapes, clean lines, and contrasting textures within an abstract frame.


My process begins with a sketch directly on the metal.  I then use that sketch as a guide when I hand-engrave.  When the carving is complete, tiny holes are drilled, and using the very fine blade of a jeweler’s saw, the piece is carefully pierced.  I then fabricate and solder the piece together and any additional embellishments or stones are attached. After these steps I hand polish the piece using a buffing wheel.  Any finish, such as “satin”, textures are done last.


My jewelry creates casual elegance with a timeless appeal. All of my pieces can be worn with ease, whether you are wearing blue jeans, business casual, or a cocktail dress.

The studio

The studio